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Golden Heart Country/ Jungle Tramp Golden Retrievers


Jungle Tramp/ Golden Heart Country Golden Retrievers are bred to have all  of the sizes, weights, heights and other skeletal structures that are  the standard of the breed. They also meet all the requirements of the  AKC (American Kennel Club) and have required pure bred registration  papers/documents. Our Sires weigh around 85lbs. The Dams are about 65  lbs. Parents and puppys are caring, sensitive and happy. Most also love  the water, and  retrieving. Everyone who has owned a Golden Retriever  knows the breed wants to please their leader more than anything else in  the world, but in their spare time, they thrive on attention, exercise,  discipline, fun and affection!

 Approximately three and on half miles outside of  Pecan Gap Texas our Adult Goldens have over 45 acres and  two ponds to  enjoy that are great for swimming. Of course our Golden Retrievers live  in every moment. They play, exercise and explore each day. We also enjoy  supervised trips into the surrounding farming community, where there  are many square miles of  unfenced farm and Government Dove Hunting  land. Specifically bred for retrieving Ducks from the cold water, Golden  Retrievers are a Sporting Breed of Canine that will literally break the  ice to swim and retrieve. The East Texas landscape is a like a  playground for them, complete with our "friends" the Dove, Duck, Quail,  frogs, Field Mice, even Deer and all kinds of "other friends" like  Coyotes, Armadillo, Wild Boar, Raccoons and Opossum. With the beautiful  rolling hills, many surrounding pools, various different landscapes,  smells and wildlife it's truely a new experience each day.  It  is important to note, during the Summer months Golden Retrievers need  to have access to plenty of fresh water and shade for keeping cool. (or  inside an air conditioned home) Overall Texas is a great place to have  this wonderful breed.

 Our  Female Golden Retrievers ideally breed only  once a year, skipping at least one heat cycle for improved health.  Whelping is generally preferred in the Spring, Fall and Winter seasons.  Sires Doc and Midas are our Oldest Goldens, they are soon to be 11 years  old, they're very healthy and active running at least a mile daily. Of  course Inbreeding is very much discouraged and certainly not allowed. We  breed our dogs from different Genetic Bloodlines using the Out Crossing  method of Breeding which insures a healthier line of dogs with the  least chance of Genetic health complications. Though Line Breeding may  eventually become an option because of some of its advantages, we do not  currently use that method. 

Like most well cared for and adored animal  companions the attention and love the Golden Retriever demands is  remarkable. Any of our Golden Retrievers would love being in the home  with us and can naturally adapt  to that arena in a single moment.   Golden Retrievers are a #1 family dog and they are comfortable inside  and/or outside the home. Golden Retrievers are  known for a undenyable way of living to please, a well trained Golden  can adapt to almost any situation and achieve almost any duty with the  ultimate care.  Each with different qualities and unique talents the  Breed in general is certainly very highly trainable.

Originally bred in Scotland as a Sporting Breed,  primarily for Duck Hunting in ice cold water. Today Goldens' have  excelled above and beyond any single purpose. Golden Retrievers'  versatility in Field Trial, Agility, Obedience Training,Tracking and as  Show Dogs is simply outstanding. This exceptional Canine is also used as  a Working Breed, for Rescue, Seeing Eye Dogs, Police Service Canine,  Cadaver Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and many more.

 Unless the female is isolated due  to puppies or her heat cycle, our Golden's walk and exercise together  every day. Of course a minimum1-4 hours and a minimum 1-3 mile exercise  and play time outside their home is absolutely required by our Golden  family.. As best as we can tell as Pet Owners and from semi-bi-yearly  Veterinarian trips while observing our Golden's, they are soundly  healthy. Also a very sensitive caring breed, playful, adaptable, smart,  really the ultimate loyal companion with the unyielding will of constantly wanting to please.